Dec 3, 2014

[REVIEW] Mountain Calling LE of essence

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

If anybody asks me if I consider myself as a lucky person I always say: "Yes, I am. I'm totally convinced of it." Last week I got a mail of essence telling me I have won a package full of products of the brand new "mountain calling " LE. I was super excited and today the postman already handed me over my prizes and exactly then it started to snow. Just like in one of those tacky romantic love movies. So I thought it's the perfect time to start reviewing and testing all I got.

A couple of days ago when I was checking their homepage looking for this LE to see what I can expect I already fell in love with these socks and I was screaming when I opened the package and saw the socks first. Aren't they just amazing?! They feel super cozy and warm and thos reindeers and hearts are more then cute. 

Next to the socks the following things were inside:

eyeshadow palette "01 meet me @ the ski lodge"
cream to powder blush "01 let's climb mount beauty"
2in1 kajal pencil "01 today is fun day" (light and dark blue)
2in1 kajal pencil "02 we love winter holidays!" (beige/light brown
 and dark green)
lip balm "02 let's climb mount beauty"
snow effect top coat "01 snow alert!"
nail polish "02 we love winter holidays!" (dark green)
nail polish "03 let's climb mount beauty!" (red)
socks "01 meet me @ the ski lodge"

I would say let's start with the eyeshadow palette. 

It offers 6 different colors: a light creamy white color, gold, brown, dark green, light and dark blue. First of all I have to say that I really like it when all the colors of a LE fit together. The colors - it doen't matter if it's nail polish, a kajal pencil or the eyeshadow - all are more or less exactly the same and this is a big plus I think.

All of them have a bit of a shimmer. If I would have to choose which one is my favorite I would probably go for gold but as well the green one looks gorgeous for doing some highlights on your eyes. Definately worth buying. I think those colors fit perfects to my green/blue eyes. 

Then let's continue with the cream to powder blush.

It has a nice red color. Really strong color actually. I have to confess that I hardly wear blush. It's just not my thing and this blush couldn't change my mind. So I'm sorry but this one will probably be somebody's Christmas present.

But what I love are colored kajal pencils. I have about 20 different of them at home mostly in green, blue, turqoise, golden. So I have to say THANK YOU essence for sending my the perfect colors. I gonna wear them for sure very very often.

They are also very nice to apply and they stay on your eyes quite long. I really had struggles getting those lines off of my hand so they seem longlasting. 

I love red lips. And this is just THE perfect red for me.

It's very shiny and until now (I wear it now for about an hour) it's not somehow sticky or "unconfortable" and still looks shiny and great. So this one I'm totally gonna wear more often. It's the perfect red I associate with Christmas. 

Time to start with the nail polishes. 

I'd like to start with the top coat. I already had the snow effect top coat they had last year and I feared that maybe it's the same. But it isn't and I was totally happy. 

I made an comparison here. Left you can see the snow topper from this year's season and on the right it's from last year. Both polishes were applied with one thick layer. As you can see the new snow top coat has much much more white snow flake in it. They have different sizes but there's no glitter it like it was last year. 

It was so hard to capture the beauty of the red polish. It's a fantastic a bit darker red shade and totally shiny. I tried to take alles the pictures as good as possible to show the real color. Nothing what so ever is changed (so sorry for the bad lightning).

2 thin coat, no top coat

And I just resist stamping some reindeers on it.

Stamping plate: NAILFUN
Stamping polish: KIKO #629 Mirror LE

I would say the color is the most accurate in the last closeup picture. It's without any artificial light outside. 

Time for the green polish. It comes in a beautiful dark shade. 

That was it! Thank you again essence for sending me this stuff. Now I gonna make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate, but on those socks and sit infront of the fireplace.


  1. Wow, ein wirklich toller Post. Du weißt nicht zufällig, ob die LE auch den Weg zu unseren DMs findet? Es kommen ja leider nicht alle essence LEs in die österreichischen DMs... =(
    Und ich hätte so gern den grünen (und jetzt auch den roten) Lack.

    1. Also soviel ich erfahren habe, wird er in Österreich nur in den Müllerfillialen erhältlich sein :/ die Lacke sind nämlich echt klasse

  2. Lucky indeed! These are some great item. But I love the reindeer stamping the most and the socks lol (:

    1. Me too. I simply can't get enough of this socks! They are so great and sooooo cozy

  3. Replies
    1. They are really fantastic. And soooo cory. Thank you very much!