Dec 24, 2014

[REVIEW] Christmas water decals from bornprettystore

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

I had the honor to get 3 products of bornprettystore to make a review. Today is time for review number one. I got the things this weekend and I thought I better hurry to get the Christmas designs ready.

Well, my nails still didn't recover so those designs are made on some fakies. Those fakies where just transparent and I bought them for 1€. 

Let's start with the review. 

This is how the decals looked like, at least when I ordered them I thougt those were decals. 

If you want to ordere them look for item #17135. You can also use my coupon code to get 10% discount at check out by bornprettystore

Now to the point where I thought that I ordered water decals. When I opened the package there stood: "nail art stickers". 

I thought, hmm, good. I also like stickers. Not as much as decals because they are a lot thicker but I like them. So I started my design by applying nail polish and painting the branches of a Christmas tree on it. I let everything dry completly. Meanwhile I had time to read the instruction.

Yes ladies, that's how you apply stickers. Nothing to worry about. Easy right? But what's going on now? You can't peel the stickers off. No?! Why not?! YES because these stickers were actually water decals as I ordered them. It's a bit confusing but they worked fine just as they should be. 

Items used:

essence color & go "162 dare it nude"
essence mountain calling LE "02 we love winter holidays"
essence color & go "155 red ahead"
catrice "alluring red"
catrice "the glamoureX factor "

You cut out your desired figure, put it 15 seconds into room temperature water and gently slide it off the paper and slide it to the desired place on your nails. I know how to handle them but I always thought, how can someone know how to apply them when they not even know how to because I think people who never used water decals before don't know how to apply them and maybe just throw them away because "I can't peel off those stickers. Those are crap." 

Nevertheless I really love them. There are so many differnt things on this sheet and I couldn't resist in making another design on my nails. 

Items used:

Zoya " "
Color Club "French Tip"

These decals are great. They are so easy to handle and look fantastic. The quality is amazing, nothing breaks, they are so amazingly thin. You totally have to check them out! They are worth every penny!

Wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your day with your family, friends, a lot of food and lots of presents! I will spend Christmas (24th is the day we celebrate Christmas here in Austria) with my family totally traditional and quiet like every year. We have a nice dinner, sing songs, prays and say poems and afterwards the presents will be opened and we spend your evening/night with warm orange juice and cookies and play cards together!

Wish you all the best! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!