Dec 14, 2014

CHRISTMAS SERIES: Guest post of Jess from @100happyjess (MEXICO)

Leaving Australia, we're now going to another work country and how the nail girls celebrate Christmas there. Give a warm welcome to Jess from Mexico! She's going to tell you lots of amazing stuff and check out her mani she did, isn't it amazing?! Sooo christmassy! And it's handpainted! Wow

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Btw what do you think of the Christmas design of my blog? I would be happy to hear your opinion.

Hello loves!!!

I’m Jess from @100happyjess!! I’m doing a guest post for you guys today ;) Sabrina was kind enough to ask me to do a guest post on her amazing blog and of course I’m very flattered and said YES! Immediately : ) I don’t have a blog myself so this is quite exciting for me, I feel so honored.

I decided to do a very traditional Christmas manicure for the season. Who hasn’t had a sweater like this on their possessions? I had one when I was a kid and now I own lots of leggings that I wear on December because they look so festive and are very cozy too!

The base is Manhattan Lotus Effect 45P, a very traditional one-coat intense red, very much like the ones women used to wear on the 1950’s ;) I like it very much, and it is one of my precious possessions I bought when I was living in Germany. I won’t ever find this brand on this side of the world.

I used Bissú 002 Ártico, some loose red glitter and I hand-painted the design with a thin brush taking as inspiration one of my leggings! I think they turned out pretty Christmassy!! So I’m happy about that! I hope you like them as well.

Now I would like to tell you guys a little bit of how we celebrate Christmas in Mexico.

At the moment, we are on full Christmas mode! I would say around 85% of our population is Roman Catholic and our most important dates are “Nochebuena” (Christmas Eve) on the 24th and Navidad (Christmas) on the 25th.

There are Christmas lights in the houses everywhere, there is a Christmas tree heavily decorated inside of every single house and kids are anxiously waiting for Santa Claus to arrive on Christmas day. We Mexicans like the season because it brings the whole family together, and even though the weather is still sunny and a bit warm, especially for me since the city where I’m from is by the beach, we still love celebrating it, dreaming about the snow that we will never get and the cold we won’t ever have.

We have a lot of traditions regarding the season; a very significant one is called “Posadas Navideñas” which are traditional popular parties that are celebrated for nine days to celebrate Joseph and Mary’s pilgrimage and Jesus’ birth, from 16th to the 24th. In these parties there is always a “piñata” which is a paper maché craft in the shape of a star that gets filled with candy and seasonal fruits. It gets hanged on a string and there is a line for kids and adults to break it with a stick, while the others sing and cheer. This “piñata” should have 7 cones, and each one represent a deadly sin, which should be conquered. It sounds really weird but I can assure you it is lots of fun and usually the best part of the party because you can get lots of candy.

Afterwards people would gather with hot fruit punch and lighten candles and say a few prayers or sing, and the most traditional would reenact Jesus’ birth with a small play called “Pastorela”.

Christmas Eve is the most important holiday for Mexican families. The whole family and relatives will gather on the Grandparent’s house to have a delicious dinner, so that means around 20 persons will be seated down on the same roof sharing a meal.

Normally families will bring lots of food and grandmas will do their best to show off their cooking skills and feed an entire army of people, which can include turkey, pork, chicken, smashed potatoes, spaghetti, lasagna, salad, bread, among other delicious dishes and the table will be decorated nicely. We would serve a few of everything in our plates and enjoy being surrounded with our loved ones. This is my favorite holiday because the food is great and the spirit of Christmas is everywhere, you can feel it inside you.

Afterwards we could eat dessert or the adults would drink a little bit while the kids desperately want to go home to get to their beds, so they can wake up the next day to the presents Santa Claus brought them and put under their trees. Santa Claus looks exactly like the one from the Coca Cola advertisements.

On Christmas Day, the family will reunite again, and eat the leftovers of the day before for lunch, we call it “Recalentado” (Spanish for reheated) which taste even better the next day!! Kids will bring their new toys and play with each other until they get tired. This is a National Bank Holiday, so that means everything is closed and no one is supposed to work. We will spend New Year and New Year’s Eve the same way as this. So that pretty much sums up how we celebrate Christmas, probably the best holiday in the year ;)

Thank you very much Sabrina for allowing me do this post! I enjoyed this experience very much!!!

I want to wish you all a “Feliz Navidad”!! Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow, awesome freehand pattern Jess!
    Christmas in Mexico sounds fun!

  2. LOVE it!! Think I will wear something like this first day of xmas!