Dec 3, 2014

CHRISTMAS SERIES: Guest post of Agnes from agnesnailss (SWEDEN)

The last couple of days I saw so many different Christmas nail from everywhere around the world and I asked myself how all those nail girls from everywhere spend their Christmas time. What are their tradition and are there any crazy stories? So I thought maybe this would be a great idea to start a little series. I invited a couple of nail girls to do a guest post for me. All of them are from another country and they will tell their story and show you a mani they created, either they recreated one of mine or they do a Christmas inspired one. 

So please welcome Agnes, she's going to start today. She's a wonderful girl from Sweden and she has recreated one of my all time favorite manis I did.

Hi Everybody.

I'm Agnes, from @agnesnailss on Instagram. I don't know much about blogs at all, but Sabrina asked me if I wanted to do a guest post and I said yes of course!

I can tell you a bit about myself, If that's interesting? Haha I'll do it anyways.

I'm thirteen years old, and I started my nail account on Instagram 1th of july 2013. Then I did it only because I needed inspiration on what to do on my nails. Because I painted my nails to stop biting them. And then I posted what I did and I actually got followers, which surprised me.

And here I am 1,5 years later, with a lot of new friends from all over the world, maybe 100 more bottles of polish and a real hobby! All because of Instagram and the lovely people on there!

Okay, enough about me. Now on to the actual nails:

First I didn't know what to do, but then I decided to recreate one of her manis!

This mani isn't very seasonal. I live in Sweden and it's kind of cold, rainy, grey all the time right now. And that's exactly why I did a complete summer mani, to kind of cheer me up, since I'm also sick while I'm writing this and when I did the mani.

I recreated one of my favorites she's done, I just think it's beautiful. The classical butterfly mani. I had never done one before, so this was a good time.

Here's Sabrinas from 11 weeks ago:

And here's mine:

And of course I also have a tutorial for them, because why not?
Here it is:

I used white, as a base for the gradient and for the small dots. The white I used is Essie's blanc.
Then in the gradient is
Blue: china glaze's at vase value from the city flourish collection.
Middle orange-y pink: Opi's sorry I'm fizzy today from the coca cola collection.
Darker pink: Opi's girls love ponies from the mustang collection.
And the black is acrylic paint.

I hope you all like these as much as I do!

Sabrina also asked me how christmas is in Sweden, and I would say that it's great!

We celebrate St. Lucia's day. I'm in a music class and we sing christmas songs on the Lucia concert. I can show you a picture:

I can tell you about the 24th of december in my family:

First I wake up, early of excitement. Than I check my christmas stocking that hangs outside my room on the door, and mum and dad usually get me something very nice, no nail polish yet though. And then we eat breakfast, which contains ''lussebullar'' that looks like this:

Delicious! Then we just chill for a bit, and get ready. We always drive out to my grandma and celebrate there. 

In Sweden we have the weirdest tradition ever. Then it's lunch at grandmas house. We eat Swedish meatballs of course, sausage, crisp bread or Swedish crackers and herring. But I always feel ill after eating this lunch. And then: Every year at 3 o'clock almost every single Swede watches Donald Duck's Christmas, which is short movies of old Disney movies. This is a tradition. 
When that has ended we open our presents! Yay. And we always sit in a ring and open one at a time. This takes so long time… 
And then we all just have a great time, looking at the christmas tree. 

I love christmas, it's my favorite time of the year. It's just so cosy. 

And as you might know it's very cold in Sweden. We have a lot of snow, mostly and yeah, it's pretty beautiful. As long as it isn't melting and it's wet and grey.

That was a little about our christmas! :)

Thank you Sabrina for letting me do this guest post, it was really fun.

And to all her readers:

GOD JUL = Merry Christmas

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