Dec 8, 2014

CHRISTMAS SERIES: Guest post of Franziska from frankiehuntersnails (AUSTRIA)

Hello my lovlies! 

I'm back from Munich! Wow what a crazy and fabulous weekend. Today I'd like to show you another amazing nail artist. This girl, Franziska, is also from Austria like me and I'm very happy to have found here (there aren't as many nail art girls as you may think. I probably know about 5). Franziska is also part of my Christmas Series about traditional Christmas of nail girls from all over the world. 

(If you missed the first part (Agnes from Sweden) click here.)

Hey ladies!

My Name is Franziska and I run the blog frankiehuntersnails. I started it a year ago, because I wanted to show my nails to my friends who I doesn't see regulary. Since that I made some new friends all over the world and some time ago I found Sabrina via Instagram.

I'm really happy I found her, because I haven't met many Austrian nail art fanatics yet. When she asked me to do a guest post for her I said yes for sure.
So, this is what I have for you!

Christmas is coming soon, so I decided to do a Wintery/Christmassy skittlette. I love skittlettes because I often can't decide what I want to do and then I just do all what comes to my mind! :)

Used colors:
A-England - Tristam
Ciaté - locket
Manhattan - Templetation
Moyou London - Festive Collection 06

I started with painting the base colors - Templetation on my pinkie and ring, and Tristam on my middle, pointer and thumb. Then I added Ciaté - locket on my ring and thumb and stamped on my middle and pointer with Templetation. Nothing more to say about that :) . Oh, yes, I sealed everything with Glisten&Glow - HK Girl Top Coat.

Sabrina also asked me to tell you something about Austrian Christmas traditions!
Even though Austria is a very small country I'm sure there are many different traditions, I will tell you some about Lower Austrian (Lower Austria is a state of Austria) traditions.

Austria is a mainly Christian or better Roman Catholic country, so believers believe that Jesus was born on the night of the 24th December, so we celebrate Christmas on the 24th.

The time before the Christmas Eve is the Advent time and every Sunday is an Advent Sunday, where we lit a candle on the Advent wreath and we have Advent Calendars, with 24 doors to open. Mostly there is chocolate behind those doors, but there are many different Advent Calendars.

We believe that the Christ Child (Christkind in German) brings the presents. There is this never answered question if the Christ Child is a boy or a girl or how it looks exactly. I for example always saw the Christ Child as a child with blond wavy hair and a white gown, like an angel without wings. So I can't tell if its male or female, I think it has no gender.

We set up Christmas trees and put presents under it and open them in the evening. Normally there is a nice Christmas dinner before to celebrate, but when you are a kid, you think this is just some evil thing parents invented to test you patience :)

Ok, after dinner which is often carp or goose or any other meal which you don't eat all the time, some people use to sing or pray, before they let their kids loose on the presents!

Some people also attend the Christmas Mass (Christmette in German) afterwards which is traditionally at midnight, but more often they are at ten or eleven o'clock. Some churches make them really nice and festive, but personally I didn't attended it very often.

On the 25th and the 26th we use to visit our families and celebrate and change presents with them.
I love Christmas, even if it's the most stressful time of the year. :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my mani and the Austrian Christmas traditions!


  1. The nails look gorgeous! The pointer and middle finger are fab, I'd love to have that on a Christmas jumper! I love the Christmas series it's such a great idea - and I loved hearing about Christmas in Austria, I learned a lot :) xx

    1. Hy Emily! sorry for the late reply! Thank you for your praise, stamping isn't as easy as it seems, so I do it rater rarely!