Dec 12, 2014

CHRISTMAS SERIES: Guest post of Emmy from @emmy_hobson (AUSTRALIA)

Hey my lovlies!

Sorry for beeing so quiet lately. I really have struggles getting everything done for university and for Christmas and next week two friends of mine from the Phillipines are comming over to make holidays here in my house so there is so much to prepare at the moment. I hope you don't mind if I won't post as often as usual.

Sooo. Today I'm very excited to show you another amazing nail artist. This time we leave the European continent and go to Australia. This beautiful and talented young lady is from Melbourne. She has created a fantastic manicure and will tell you how she spends her Christmas. (Wow for me it's impossible to spend Christmas without snow). So now it's time for her. If you like her work follow her on Instagram. It's more than worth it!

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Hello everyone! 

My name is Emily and I run the IG account @emmy_hobson (Fun Fact: my IG is all nails but I just could not think of an original nail related name for it, so I just left it as my own!) I was so excited when Sabrina asked me to do a guest post as I’ve never done any sort of blogging before, so of course I jumped at the chance.

I’ve got some nail art to show you and then I’ll tell you a little bit about how I spend my Christmas in sunny Australia! So nails – I struggled for awhile about what to do as my design, and eventually created the base (a circular gradient) still without any idea of where I was going with it. The circular gradient was something I’d been wanting to try for awhile, and I really like how it looked! I used piCture pOlish’s Chillax, Australis’ Sweetpea and OPI’s Alpine Snow.


After some deliberation I decided that I had to do some sort of Christmas mani, as that’s what most of this blog post is about! I didn’t want to cover up the circular gradient too much, and after riffling through my nail goodies I settled on using a MoYou stamping plate I got late last year. I also decided my design needed a little more glam, and sponged on a coat of piCture pOlish’s ‘Sea Jewel’ before stamping.


I actually ended up reverse stamping the snowflakes as opposed to regular stamping – I find I always smudge my designs with regular stamping! Reverse stamping (covering the design with a top coat when it’s still on the rubber stamp, then peeling it off and placing on your nail when it’s dry) allows me to correct any mistakes and line up exactly where I want my design to go. I ended up loving the subtle effect of the circular gradient with the glitter, and using several different snowflakes instead of repeating the same one!


It always feels a little ironic doing snowflake or snow designs around Christmas, as we get nothing of the sort here in Australia! My Christmases are always sunny as December is the start of summer here in Aus – I’d say Christmas day is usually around 24 or 25 degrees (75-77 Fahrenheit). That’s not very hot, but it means Christmas day is always warm and sunny, no snow or hot chocolate or rainy days in sight!

My family (mum, dad and younger sister) and I don’t make a big deal out of Christmas as all the rest of our family lives in the UK, so it’s just us four. We typically open gifts around the tree before or whilst we eat breakfast. After that we clean up the mess, play Christmas music and drink champagne while mum and dad organise a big Christmas lunch (Yorkshire puddings, turkey, ham, roast potatoes, parmesan parsnips, gravy). After that we usually relax and do our own thing before all heading out for a walk along the beach! Here is a pic of the beach we walk along in my town J


The beach is usually pretty busy on Christmas day, loads of families have BBQ’s in the houses near by and lots of beach cricket is played! After our walk we either do our own thing for the rest of the day until dinner time (left over cold meats from lunch and salads) and then watch a film (usually Love Actually!) or we go to a friends place if they aren’t having a big family Xmas either, and we all BBQ and drink wine and listen to music outside before heading home.

That’s pretty much everything – I hope you enjoyed my nail art and reading about my typical Aussie Xmas, and thanks so much to Sabrina for giving me the chance to write this post!

Emily xxx

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  1. Such cute snowflakes! Love the blue round gradient as well :-)