Nov 17, 2014

[NEW IN] The best way to start a week - NAIL MAIL

The door bell rang. The post man happily handed a box to me and I quickly new: Yeees my order arrived. I ordered it on Thursday and it's now already here.

I really love, love, loooove the winter season and Christmas. I can't wait until the first snow comes. Hopefully it happens soon, soI wanted to be prepared. Last week I was searching for stamping plates with winter/Christmas patterns on it but unfortunatelly everywhere I looked they were sold out. I was totally sad and disappointed. When looking for something different I found this shop who still had some fantastic looking Christmas stamping plates. I knew this shop before because I always order my swatch sticks there and I was always very happy with them.

So this is what I ordered at NAILFUN:

First of all 5 tremendously cheap stamping polishes in the colors yellow, orange, red, silver and gold.

 I've already tried them out and they work really really well. (First mani with this polishes as well with stamping plates will be posted tomorrow) I have to confess that I was surprised about that fact. They are nice to apply and good to work with. They all cover up with one layer as you can see in the last picture.

As I already mentioned, I ordered something because of the stamping plates they have. Both of those big plates have numerous different motives on them  (70 on the first an 100 on the second). So I have 170 different things which all look fantastic. Everything from trees, snow flakes, deer, stockings and so on, But better see yourself

So this was it. I didn't order more (at least not from this shop this time but there is some other stuff comming its way here hopefully soon hahahaha).

Wish you all a nice Monday my lovlies!

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