Nov 25, 2014

Stamped fishbraid pattern

Hey guys. How do you like my changes in my blog up to now? I wanted to have everything (primary pictures) a bit bigger. I don't know why but I prefer it like this I think. Still not 100% happy but I think it's alright for the moment. I don't know what to change so... Quite happy with the fact that my boyfriend can do all the programming work so I don't have to invest in a template or something like this. And I knew from the beginning, that I don't want to have a standart template from blogger. Those weren't really my thing.

Nevertheless. Back to business. I have a sort of fishbraid pattern for you today. At least it reminded me of a fishbraid when I drew it. It's again done with the reverse stamping technique. I like this technique pretty much as you have probably already recognized. It's stamped with my MoYou London stamping plate.

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
essie "lilacism"
Models Own "Pukka Purple"
MoYou London image plate Pro Collection #1
nail art brush