Nov 19, 2014

[NEW IN] Polish me silly nail mail

It was love at first sight when I saw the different "I love polish" - tags and I couldn't hold myself ordering one and because ordering just one thing would be stupid so I ordered two polishes too.

Never the less I'd like to show you bazillion pictures about both polishes and the "Live Love Polish" tag.

Firstly the tag. It's quite big I have to say but soooo beautiful. It's so perfect with it's colors and rhinestones. And can't decided where I want to put it on. I don't want it to get broken or anything. Such a hard decision. What do you think? Should I put it on my key chain or on my bad for university?

And now time for the stunning polishes. I decided to order "envy" and "mystery". They both shine in so many different colors it's hard to capture them all.

Here is mystery:

They go from a darker pink/purple so a light green/yellow to a dark mossy green.

And the second color is "envy"

Blue, petrol, violet and glitter. What else has a girl to wish for?!

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