Nov 17, 2014

Pastel nails with caviar pearls

For this design I was inspired by @thesammersaurus. She did the design quiet a while ago but with darker colors.

I thought it was time to use my caviar pearls once. I have these pearls already at home for almost a year. They were in my last year's advend calender by LOOK and until now I've never used them. (If you want to see what's in the calender this year click here)

Items used:

Maybelline NY Color Show "Faux green"
KIKO #380
caviar pearls
striping tape

I started with painting all my nails in this beautiful minty green shade. I bought it last week together with "lilac rebel" from the acid wash collection. When it was dry I took my striping tape and stuck a grid on my nails (thumb, ringfinger and pinky) and painted the gray polish over it. Immediately afterwards i wripped it off and added the caviar pearls.

On my other two nails I added a triangle at the cuticle area down to the tip and topped it off with some caviar pearls too.

So this was it. Hope you like it.