Nov 20, 2014

Neon tribal nails (reverse stamping)

Because stamping is still something I'm new with I have to practice a lot. I'm trying out new plates, new polishes, new stampers and so on. Not every design works like I'd like it to. Some turned out that they just look good in my head not on my nails. But when something works out the way I want it to I always love to share it with you. So that's why here's another stamping design for you. It's again a reverse stamping like here and here.

Items used:

Ruby Wing "Groupie"
Ruby Wing "Eternal"
s-he #125
MoYou London artist #3
baking parchment
nail art brush
stamper and scraper

When you do reverse stamping you actually stamp not directly on your nails. I always use a sheet of baking parchment or on a transperent folder. I put top coat on them and when the topcoat is dry I stamp the desired pattern on it. I then take a brush and fill in the pattern with the colors I like. This time I went for Ruby Wing polished. I don't know if you know them but they change color in sunlight (actually when UV rays meet the surface). So it works as well when it's cloudy outside.

This is what the colors turn to in sunlight:

It's almost unbelieveable because the effect is really strong. When you see only the nails in the sun you would never believe that it was neon pink and neon blue.

Sometimes when I drive my car and only my tips meet the sunlight they get an interesting ombre/gradient touch. I think those are much better then thermal polishes. At least for me. I always have warm hands. Always. So thermal polishes never really have an effect on my nails but those have.


  1. Oh no :( I had commented on this, but it seems like Blogger ate my comment! Here we go again then: I love this design a lot! They look like nail wraps at first, it's really perfect :) I also love how you used the colour changing polishes! It makes the design even 1000 times cooler!

    1. Thank you Robin! I know this problem. I think it's my site. I had this already a couple of times and I'm working to fix this.

    2. Problem is now solved. I hope it never happens again. Sorry again :)