Nov 8, 2014

My workplace and polish collection

I was talking to a friend lately because she wanted to know how I store my polishes and nail art supplies. And when I was telling her all the stuff which works best for me I thought: "This would be a great post for my blog too. Maybe you would like to know this as well."

I live at my boyfriends place and we two have about 50 m² for us and we share the kitchen and the bathroom with others. So I don't have my own nail art room. All my stuff is in our little "office". We spend there most of our time studying for university.

One corner belongs to me where I have my desk and all of my nail art stuff which looks like this:

First of all I have to say I'm no girly girl having much decoration everywhere. But normally my walls aren't white because I don't like it at all. I'm planning on painting the walls in some bright colors but until now I couldn't decide which color to take. Always the same problem hahaha.

Nevertheless here I have two helmers for all my stuff. Everything I need to do my nails is stored in there.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I bought a second helmer yesterday. So it's not totally full - not yet. On top of my helmers I have my UV-lamp, my brushes and other stuff I need everyday like top and base coats and some stamping polishes.

No normally not everything is clean like this hahahaha. It's more like a creative chaos usually.

And because my handels already looked quite used of my old helmer I pimped them with neon green tape.

And now time to look inside.

First of all: You may know what happens when you put for example bottels of nail polish in one of those drawers. Exactly they start slipping around. That's why I always put a non-slipping mat in my drawers. I buy them for 2,99 € at IKEA.

I just cut it in my desired size and I swear, it works wonders. Fantastic stuff. My polish stay where they are supposed to.

So let's head over to my polishes. They are stored by brand and within the brand by color. I don't like to make the drawers completely full so don't wonder about why it looks so empty.

Top left are all my KIKO polishes...

... and top right are all my Catrice and Essence polishes. Those 3 brands are my favorite and where I have most polishes of, that's why those are in the top drawers. I like there quality especially for this price. I know there are a lot more brands which have a better quality but for a student those are hard to effort. As you can see here on every bottle where you can't see the color of the polish on first sight I've sticked a circle with the polish on top of the bottle. 

Right below my Catrice and Essence collection are my colors from all over the world. Really in love with this colors. They are something special for me because they are hard to get and very expensive here.

And on the left side are all other polishes which I own. Different brands, different colors, 

In the next row you can find my glitters, stickers and studs on the left. In the back are some tubes acrylic paint and some polished I often need just as a reserve.

On the right side you can find pretty much everything else you need. From tape, to a little bowl, a sponge for cleaning my table, make-up sponges for gradients, nail files, magnets, glue and all top and base coats and nail care products I don't need that often. 

Unfortunatelly this drawer is still empty. Here you have my stamping stuff. My plates my stamper and my scrapers. Although I never use this scrapers because they ruin my plates. I use an old student ID card and it just works as it should.

The last two rows are a storage for my NailIt! mags and on the right other stuff to store. Like swatch sticks, tips, and so on.

The other three drawers are still emply. But I guess not for long.

So this was my drawer. The only thing which is left is my wall. 

Today I bought myself a wall of inspiration. So this grey board will be filled with pictures as an inspiration. I will upload a picture of it when I finished it. Other than this board you can see my swatch sticks of all my polishes I have, my christmas calender, my laptop, some pencils and my cotton pads.

So this was my tour through all my nail art stuff and my workplace. How do you store your things? I'd like to know that too.

Edit: I finished my wall of inspiration today. I printed out a couple of manis I really adore.

I pinned them on my wall and I can't get my eyes off of it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I got answers to questions I had in my mind.