Nov 7, 2014

Mani swap with Frankie

I teamed up with Frankie from frankie.hunters,nails to do a mani swap. It's always such a welcome change and espacially when you suffer from a lack of motivation like I do at the moment it's nice to honor someone's work with doing a mani swap with an amazing artist. 

You can see my work at the left and Frankies work and the right (picture on the top). I chose to recreate her ombre stripes mani she did a couple of time ago. Check out her blog post for more details to her work. It was also her 100th post. So I thought it's a good way to honor her work and her blog too.

Here's a solo shot of my nails:

Items used:

essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
KIKO #355
KIKO #310
essence colour & go "150 upper green side"
essence colour & go "170 beijos de brazil"
essie "lilacism"
KIKO #292
essence colour & go "128 let's get lost"
essence colour & go "129 the boy next door"
essence colour & go "141 icy princess"
essence colour & go "144 black is back"
striping tape
make up sponge

Yes I know those are a whole lot of colors! I started off by painting my nails white.and let it try completely. Then I took striping tape and sticked three lines on each nails so that the white polish can pop out later. When all the stripes were fixed I started sponging a painting on each nail. Always started with the darker color at the cuticle area and the lighter color on the tip. Hope you like it. 

Here is Frankies recreation of my ikat nails. You can find my design which she recreated here

There's probably another mani swap comming up this week so stay tuned.

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