Nov 23, 2014

Mani swap with Amina

Befor it's time for another mani swap, I have to apologize in case you were already on my blog today. We (me and my boyfriend) are currently working on it so sorry in case something's not working. 

I had some massive problems lately regarding my comments. They somehow just disappeared from time to time. So we were looking for the bug today and noticed that we had to change EVERY SINGLE POST up to now. Which was a whole lot of work as you can imagine. But we've fixed it now and hopefully it works. Unfortunatelly even more comments got lost and if you had a question or wanted to say something to me and you can't find your comment anymore please write again. It should work now. HOPEFULLY.

I would be very happy if you could tell me a mistake if you find something. I had to rearrange all the pics and also part of the links didn't work after changing everything so in case something is not working somewhere or anything is strange please tell me right away. I would really appreciate that. 

So now it's time for another mani swap. This time I had the pleasure to work with Amina for the first time. She was one of the first I've followed on Instagram and that's why I'm espacially honored to do something with here. She's a great person and such a talented artists and I'm tremedously happy to have met her.

Here is the work we did:

On the left you can find the older manis and on the right are our recreations from one another.

I recreated her fabulous profile picture, one of my favorite mani's of all time.

Items used:

essence colour & go "144 black is back"
essence colour & go "06 cookies & cream" (by far my favorite nude of all times. too bad that it was a LE)
Ruby Wing "groupie"
striping tape
V-shaped nail vinyl
heart shapes studs of (use my code SSUNX31 to get 10% discount)

I started off by painting my index finger and my thump in this wonderful pink color. Like hereit's a polish of Ruby Wing which changes colors in sunlight. 

    inside (no sunlight)
  • outside (sunlight)

Then I painted my pinkie in black (topped it with a mattifying top coat later) and my index and middle finger in nude. I put the striping tape on my middle finger and painted black inbetween. I always used two stripes of stiping per stripe to get thicker lines. For my index finder I first put a nail vinyl on in so that I get the pink tip later. Again I took my striping tape and made thinner lines between the nail vinyl and my cuticle area. The lines also became black. Please remember: The earlier you peel of your stiping tape the accurate your lines will look like. So always right after painting one line I peel off the tape which I don't need anymore. Last but not least I added those hearts I bought at bornprettystrore (as always: use my code SSUNX31 to get a 10% discount)

Next you can see the recreation Amina did. You can find my original work here.

Again thank you Amina! I was a pleasure to work with you!