Nov 4, 2014

LOVE graffiti nails

Some time ago I discovered a very talented artist called @lovepurplepolish and I new I had to recreate something of here. I was totally in love with her graffiti nails and that's whey I recreated them.

Items used:

essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
KIKO #355
KIKO #450
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
piCture pOlish "sunset"
make up sponge
nail art brush

I started off with a white base so my gradient pops out. Then I started doing a simple gradient with yellow and blue. For a more deteiled explenation click here

That's what my base looked:

When it was dry I took a nail art brush and started to paint the outer lines of my letters with white and filled out the rest so that only my letters have the gradient. (Ok if I would only ready my explination I wouldn't know what I mean hahaha, so I have another picture for you)

Do you know what I tried to tell you? I hope so. Afterward I took a nail art brush and a black polish and outlined my L O V E letters. Finally added some dotts here and there with black and this nice neon coral color of picture polish.

Hope you like it!

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