Nov 18, 2014

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Two days ago I saw a post of @lowcountrylacquer on Instagram recreating her very first Instagram post. It was a simple yet impressive winter mani with a snowflake. Then I got my nail mail yesterday and I knew I had to recreate this design and on the same time trying out my new stamping plate and my new stamping polish.

I was really impressed by the stamping plate because it worked fantastic without messing up one single stamp. So I would recommend it definately to you (and no, I bought this things on my one and I don't get anything for free from them).

Items used:

deBBY gel play #24
Color Club "French Tip"
Nailfun silver stamping polish
Nailfun stamping plate nfxmas02

P.S.:Do you remember yesterday where I told you that I would love to have winter soon and I can't wait for the first snow? Well, IT SNOWED TODAY. Yeeeees! Sometimes wishes do come true. 

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