Nov 30, 2014

How to make your own peel off base coat aka how to remove glitter polish easily

Wow I think this is probably the longest titel I had so far. But I wanted to tell you everything what this post is about.

You all probably know this. You put on glitter polish because - hello?! it's glitter, no need for a because. But after some days you want to remove it and this sucks. You need hundrets of cotton pads and nothing really helps. Long an exhausting procedure. Always. After some while I started filing my glitter polish off but most of the time I hurt myself. So I was looking for a different method.

A while ago I went to a nail supply store in town and I talked to a shop assistens what she would suggest to me. She told me that eigher I buy a peel off base or a glitter base which can also be peeled off or my other option would be to make my own (because those in store were quite expansive). I went to craftstore, bought all the things she told me and tried it out at home immediately and wooow it work right away.

So I thought I should share my knowledge with you too.

Things you need:

empty bottle of nail polish 
water soluble glue ( Polyvinyl acetate glue)

Both items are very easy to get. Eigher you wait until one of your polish bottles is empty or you can buy in online for example here). If you have an empty one at home you just need to get it totally clean. I added some drops of nail polish remover and shaked my bottle until it was totally clean, washed it out with water and then I let it dry which more or less looks like this.

I also kept the little balls inside. Then I took the glue. It's a normal glue every child works with in his or her childhood. The glue is white first and when it dries it gets transparent. It's soluble in water. The only thing you still have to do is to fill your PVA glue into your dry and empty bottle. 

And this was it. Your peel off base is ready to use. Just apply it on your nail and let is dry.

As said before it's dry when it's transparent. Then you can add your glitter polish and if you don't want to have it on your nails anymore just peel it off.

I also use it when I do gradients or water marbles. I apply it on the skin around and when I'm finished I just peel it off and I don't need a heavy clean up.

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