Nov 10, 2014

Glitter gradient nails

Do you you know a better way to rock a night out than with a fantastic glitter manicure? I don't think so.  I have thee designs for you today. Simple and easy to recreate but with a wow-factor.  I'd really like to know which one is your favorite!


Items used:

Urban outfitters "Blue"
essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
make-up sponge

It's a blue and white combination as you can see. They looked really bright and neon in person. Nothing which my picture can keep up with.

When I apply glitter polish I never apply it with the brush of my polish bottle. Because normally you you need lots of layers until it finally covers the whole nails. But when you take a make-up sponge, put the polish on it and then stamp it on the nail. With this technique you can avoid the access polish and you just get the glitter on your nail. Your manicure doesn't look thick and doesn't takes ages to try. With this method I always do all my glitter manis. You should try that too.

So with this mani I fully covered two nails with this awesome glitter polish. The other three nails got a gradient stamped from the tip upwards. You just have to stamp more polish on the tip and just a bit upwards so you get this gradient effect.


Items used:

She #384
Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy"
little bows from Claire's store
make-up sponge

Number two is a much more glamorous design. Don't wonder about my shorter nails. Between my design #1 and design #2 I filed them down. They simply were too long and two broke so I thought it's time for shorter nails.

Again I stamped my glitter polish with a make up sponge trying to make a little gradient


Items used:

essence nude glam "06 cookies & cream"
She #280
make-up sponge

For this design I started with cutting out a heart of a piece of tape.

When my nude color was totally dry I stuck this tape on my middle finger and starting sponging my glitter polish on it. The same I did on my thumb only with a much smaller heart cut out. Again on the other three nails I sponge a gradient starting from the tip.

Hope you like my three glitter gradient designs. Which one is your favorite?!

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