Nov 14, 2014

Bestie Twin Nails with Jonna

This week was crazy! Can't believe with how much talented nail artists I worked together. Already did two mani swaps within the last seven days (see here and here) and now I have some bestie twin nails comming up.

Just a short explanation for you what the differences between those two is. (If you already know it please skip this paragraph). When you do a mani swap you chose a design of another artist and you recreate it and the other artist does the same with your work. So you have an older design of you and your newly created design inspired by the other artist and the same the other way around. When you do bestie twin nails you create a new design together. So both of you decide which design to create.

This time I did bestie twin nails with Jonna, the girl who won my giveaway last month. We decided to do a fishtail mani in fall colors with a tree as an accent nail.

Here's a bigger picture of my creation. Had some struggles doing the fishtail nails. Did it over and over again until I like it. I will upload a pictorial the next couple of days.

Items used:

Essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
Essence colour & go "137 wanna be your sunshine"
Essence colour & go "113 do you speak love?"
Essence colour & go "155 red ahead"
Maybelline Color Show "341 orange attack"

Here is as well a solo shot of the nails done by Jonna. Also check out her page for some awsome nail art.

And some more pictures of my design. Hope you like it.

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