Nov 29, 2014

8 old manis that never made the blog

Yesterday I was reading lots of blogs and I stumbled across such a nice blog post of Miriam (NailTalk) about 6 of her older manis which never made it to the blog so I thought: "Okay this is really a great idea to do because I can't create anything on my nails because they are so short at the moment." So Miriam, I hope you don't mind if I steal your brilliant idea.

My "nail art life" started more than a year befor I started my blog. I first began to post on Instragram. Not because I thought I have to get many followers or because I'm a talented artist. Nothing like this actually. I wasn't even able to paint my nails in one color. It always looked horrible, messy and I smudged it before it was dry. So I primarly started my Instagram account just to show my progress to myself. To motivate myself. To get better and better. And it worked.

So there are about 1 and a half years of nail pics on my computer which were never posted here (because I simply didn't had a blog).

I will start from the oldest to the newest picture. Below every picture I will explain it to you with a couple of words. I chose those 8 pics which descriped best my different steps in my "nail art life".

This was one of the first things I did where I had more then one color on my nails. Now it's one of my first pictures on Instagram but I have to confess that after about half a year I started deleting my old pictures which really looked horrible. Back then I always needed something in my hands when taking a picture and I took my pictures somewhere in the house. So there was always a different back ground behind. Now I wouldn't do that anymore.

This was posted around Februrary 2014. It was about the first time when I thought: "Okay, I think I made a progress." I started cleaning up my cuticles and started painting on them. It was the first nail challenge I participated and I was proud of doing 2 different designs every week. (Now I paint my nails almost every day hahaha)

Then there was a big progress (at least that's what I think now retropectively). This penguins where posted two months after the roses. I finally had managed growing my nails in the lenghs I always wanted them and I started using OPI Nail Envy.

I clearling figured out what the best way for a hand pose was for me and my pictures started getting better and all of them started looking more or less the same.

Beginning of July 2014. Suddenly I started to get compliments in public. I was always afraid to show people thatI know my Instagram account. It was totally anonymous, only my boyfriend knew (he was the poor guy who always had to listen to my nail talk hahaha). And starting in July I also told other friends or people on the street if they asked who my nail tech is (it's always a proud moment when you say you did that work)

This picture I had to include here because it's my most liked pic on Instagram. I has more then 300 (!!!) likes. Whithin two days. I don't know how it was possible because actually I didn't really liked it. Still I think it's far away from my best work. But somehow the people liked it. 

Then I thought: Time for some changes. I wanted to change my hand pose. I didn't want to hold a bottle anymore. Just needed a change.

And finally the last picture. This was the last picture I posted before starting my blog in September. I really loved the design but it was never one of the pictures with lots of likes.

Hope you like my short recap. I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. These are seriously ALL SO GOOD! How they never made it onto your blog is beyond me, I love all of them! I have some unpublished stuff too but they look nothing like this, mine look really horrible! :D

    1. Because I started my blog in September this year and my Insta account in June 2013 there are a loooooot things not posted here yet hahaha. Thank you so much Robin!

  2. Don't mind you "stealing" my idea hahaha, I feel honoured! Will be going on a holiday tonight (very early in the morning) so will be away for a week.But I will reply to your email soon ok? So sorry your nail broke :-( :-(

    I think they're all good! Lovely manis!

  3. These are sooooo pretty! I love them. You definitely have to keep posting everything, even your old ones. Hihi.