Oct 12, 2014

Music equalizer nails

Those nails are a recreation of @modnails and they should look like a music equalizer. Hope you like it.

Items used:

essence color & go "175 be berry now!"
essence color & go "133 oh my glitter!"
essence color & go "128 let's get lost"
essence color & go "150 upper green side"
essence color & go "179 roller coaster"
essence color & go "144 black is back"
make-up sponge
striping tape
striping brush

This look is quiet easy to recreate. I started with my middle and ring finger. I made a gradient using all this beautiful polishes of essence. For the gradient I used a make-up sponge and sponged it on my finger twice and immediately added top coat to get a nice gradient look. When it's dry I sticked striping tape from the cuticle to the tip in straight lines. I filled the small lines between the striping tape with black pollish and pulled off the tape.  The horizontal lines I drew by hand using a striping brush. I applyed black polish to make all of the bars a different lenghts. My other three nails were painted each in a different color.


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