Nov 1, 2014


There are a couple of things you need for doing nail art. Of course it always depends on what you do, but those are those things I use almost everytime I paint my nails. It's just the basic equiptment you need.

Of course you need a variety of colors, creativity, ideas, patience and a steady hand. The more often you do something the better you get - that propably counts for hundrets of things in life. So don't worry if something doesn't work for the first time, it will someday when you just keep practicing. When talking of ideas there're a variety of different places where you can find inspiration. Not every mani I do was created in my mind and has never been done from anyone else in the world. I usually flick through many pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and when I like something, I make a screenshot to have the idea saved on my mobile. When recreating and posting it on a social media plattform make sure your give credit to the one you copied the idea from. It's not only a thing of respect but as well you show the original creater that you like his style and his work. Everyone likes to get compliments on there work - someone who has millions of followers as well as someone brand new having less followers.

But nevertheless let's start with my basic things I need when creating something.

For every one who thinks base and top coat is "optional" - no it's not. Base coat is a protecting layer for your nail. It makes sure that the nail doesn't get stained from the nail polish. Furthermore it makes the mani last longer. A good base coat reduces the chipping off your polish.

Top coat makes your mani look really shiny (or matte or glittery etc., depending of which top coat you use). Just like base coat, it makes the mani last longer.

My favourites at the moment are:
NAIL ENVY nail strengthener by OPI (bought on amazon about 10€) it really strengtens my nails and they hardly break now. Before I started using it my nails never became long, they always broke but now they're healthy and long.
Seche Vite dry fast top coat (bought on amazon about 7€) until now I've never had a top coat which makes my nails so shiny and there are no cracks in the polish which I had after some days when I used other top coats. From all the thinks I've tried definitely my favorite up to now!

Black and white polish is something very important for me. I use it a lot. Black polish for details and white as a base. If I want to paint lighter details on a dark base, I first paint all the details in white to later apply the desired colored on it.

I currently use "French Tip" by Color Club as white and "Where're the soiree" as well by Color Club as black. I bought both in a local store for about 6€ each but you can order it for sure online.

When doing nail art there's often a huge mass I make and you need it of course also when you want to change or mani to do something new. I use different polish removers - some with acetone of my persistant polishes, mostly glitter polishes and acetone free polish removers for "normal" use. I'd love to use pure aceton to remove polish from the cuticle area and from my brushes but it's hard to get here. Pharmacies don't sell it here and until now I found no shop who has it in stock. Nevertheless, cotton balls and cleaning brush or a q-tip are things you just can't live without when doing nail designs.

Lots of desings can be done with those two things. I totally adore dotting tools. I have them in different sizes. You can get them on ebay or amazon for little money. I currently use those in white. If you don't want to spend much money on things like this there're a couple of things you already have at home which work the same way. Be creative. Use bobby pins, or tooth picks and everything like this.
I bought my striping brush in a local craft store for a couple of cents and trimmed it to my desired size with a pair of scissors. It took a while until I started to use a striping brush but now I can't life without it.

It doesn't matter if you just want to add a couple of colored highlights or want to do some cut outs. Striping tape is always fun to work with. I bought mine on amazon.

I guarantee those things are enough for creating thausands of different designs. Let you're creativity flow.

Please keeps in mind: I'm no professional. So what works best for me doesn't have to be the best for everyone

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