Oct 2, 2014

[31DC2014] I DID IT!!!!

Oh my gosh it's oooooover. Finally. I'm really proud of myself of doing every single day and always on time. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I had an idea quiet quickly and it worked out well from the beginning. Time to have my social life back! My friends haven't seen me much lately. Somedays I worked half the night through to finish my mani on time because I had to redo it because I messed something up (which happend quiet often I have to confess) or rethink about my idea because it just didn't look good on my nails. Things which look amazing on other people's nails look crap on mine.

Well, anyway, here are my 31 different manis:

I hope you like them as much as I do. Can't even tell which one is my favorite. I pretty much love the one with the roses and the butterfly mani as well not to forget the cow pattern. Tell me which one is your favorite!

Can't believe how fast September went by. You'll see my next mani tomorrow. I needed one day off so today is just this summary. I hope you understand.


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