Sep 3, 2014

[REVIEW] catrice ombre topcoat

Catrice has some new amazing stuff released now. I was especially curious about this ombre top coat promising an ombre look without using different polished. All you need is a polish in a light colour. 

I've decided to go with essie lilacism as a base. 

So when I've first looked at the polish it was a kind of red shade and is really thin. Probably because they thought it would dry quicker because you do need more layers on one nail. 

The brush is the same as always. I like this brush very well. For me it has the right lenght and it's really nice to work with.

After I have applyed the basecoat and the polish I started putting on the topcoat. I decided to go for four fingers which means my index finger will be the lightest and it gets darker until my pinkie. So the first round it' one layer each exept for my index finger. The second round you leave out the index finger as well as the middle finger and the third layer is only the pinkie.

You saw the effect right away and I pretty much liked it. What I didn't like was that the topcoat doesn't cover up as good as I've expected. It's somehow stripy and stainy and doesn't look nice. After 5 minutes there "developed" quiet a big stain on my pinkie which wasn't nice eather. I tryed to add another layer to all of my nails hoping to get a better coverage but it didn't really work.

The idea behind this top coat is really fantastic and I would definately love to have one of those but the formula should be improved a bit. Maybe it was just this polish which wasn't suitable I will definately try it with another one to tell you the result. 


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