Sep 5, 2014

[31DC2014] blue nails + essence aquatix mermails nail sticker REVIEW

This week I was on a huuuuuge Müller haul buying way too much polish. Wait. What am I talking about? What is "too much polish"?

Haha. Well. I've found those nail stickers from essence promissing a mermaid nail effect look. Saying " no drying time, easy on - easy off, no chipping". Sounded interesting so I bought it.

What I had expected: Well somehow I expected a watermable-/saran-wrap-like outcome. No idea why I thought so. But nevertheless I had had had to buy it.

And because it's recommended to use it with a blue polish I thought it was perfect for the #31dc2014 day 5 - blue nails.

So let's start.

Items used:

Mermaid nail stickers "01 Pearls are a girl's best friend" (no idea if there're other stickers aswell. those where the only one here)
Catrice "Mermaid my day"
Seche Vite Topcoat

That's what it says in the description on the back side.

So I started applying those stickers. They really looked like foil but I had a tough time with it. I had to try a couple of time to stick the sticker on my nails without having bubbles. It was horrible. After which felt like an hour but probably was 10 minutes I finally had them on my nails which looked like this.

But after filing off the edges I really liked what I saw. Exept of the bubbles. Some of them just remained where they were.

Then it was time to add the blue polish and booooooom. The effect the foil made was amazing. I really didn't expect that. I could keep my eyes off. They foil was moving upwards making a very fancy effect likt this:

I really liked it on one nail. When I saw the final result on all of my finger I was a bit, hmm, not sad but happy neighter. It was a nice look but somehow reminded me of cracking polish which I don't really like.

So my feeling went from "wow something new I have to try it" to "f*** this stickers it's not working the way I want to" to "omg this effect is amazing" to finally "ok that's it?!"

Top or Flop?!

Would I recommend it? For everybody who like cracking polish definately yes. For all the others, well with a price of 1,95€ maybe worth a try. MAYBE. After a day the polished already started to chip off (although I've used topcoat) and peeling off was horrible. The effect was really nice in the beginning but it was nothing for me.

What are your experiences with this product?


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