Sep 4, 2014

[31DC2014] green halfmoon nails

Today's mani is a pretty easy one.

Items used:

A green polish from La Femme Beauty (it has no name on it)
Green glitter from an LE of essence
Pinkish glitter from bornprettystore (use coupon code SSUNX31 to get 10% off)
And those sticky amplifier you use for paper (don't know the right term)


Stick those stickers onto the nail leaving a halfmoon shape right at the cuticle. Make sure to have applyed basecoat first and that it's tryed completely ;) Then start painting the green polish from the sticker down to the tip. You can paint the first layer of polish on all your fingers but for the second just one finger at once. We want to put glitter on the polish when it's still wett. So be carefull to make one finger at the time, always polish first and glitter right afterwards. At last I put topcoad on the nail and started to put the hexagon glitter particles one by one along the green halfmoon.


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