Sep 2, 2014

[31DC2014] yellow nails (stamping)

I've always wanted to try stamping. But somehow I was afraid of trying it out.

Yesterday I've found KONAD stamping plates in a local nail supply store to suuuuuch a fantastic price (3€ each!!) that I just had to try it out.

So this is the outcome of my very first stamping experience.
The first 5 fingers I've ever did stamping on.

I'm pretty amazed how easy it is and how easy you can impress people by having one of those designs on your nails. When I came to work with those fingernails today everybody was going wooooow.

So that's how easy you can recreate it:

Items used:

essence nail art stampy polish
essence stampy set
KIKO #355
KONAD image plate m51

As always I applyed basecoat first. After that I started with the yellow polish. I waited until it was totally dry. Meanwhile I started choosing the design which I wanted to print on my nails. Puh tough decision. 
Then I covered the design with the stampy polish and pulled over the design with a scraper to remove excess polish. Then I rolled over the design with my stamp and then I rolled it over my nail and DONE! yey. Just finish of with topcoat and that's it :)



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