Sep 9, 2014

[31DC2014] rainbow nails with gradient

Todays mani is inspired by a tutorial I've found on instagram (@tartofraises) and definately my current favourite of the 31 day challenge up to now.

Items used:

Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Color Club "Feelin' Groovy"
Color Club "Mrs. Robinson"
a pink polish from La Femme Beauty
a yellow polish from La Femme Beaty
studs from bornprettystore (use coupon code SSUNX31 to get 10% off)
striping tape
make up sponge
and white polish as a base

This mani is something we have to build up. After applying basecoat start with a layer of white polish. You may think: Why white? There's nothing white in your mani? Well the reason why we paint a white foundation is that neon colors need a white base so they can pop out. They get even more neon having a white base underneath. Make sure this layer has a good coverage unterwhise your gradient could look stained.

When your white base it completly dry take a makeup sponge and layer your colors on it. They can overlap each other. It should more or less look like this:

Sponge the colors on your nail. In some cases like here you'll need a second layer of sponging. When the color is still wett apply a layer of topcoat. Let it dry complety. (I know the whole waiting when creating this mani is a catastrophy!). Take your striping tape and stick your pattern on the nail.

And no I can't explain why I took white for the left and black for the right side here hahaha. Apply black polish but try to avoid the triangle in the middle. Right after applying pull off the stripes When it's still wett put one of those studs in the middle of the two black lines and press it gently to the nail. If it's not sticking properly use nail glue. When everything is dry add topcoad and DONE! Have fun recreating but don't forget the cleanup!


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