Sep 8, 2014

[31DC2014] metallic nails + essence hello foils REVIEW

Today I combine an review with a challenge. Again I know but it fits perfectly together. The hello foils of the new collection together with the mermaid stickers totally had to go home with me. They really looked fantastic and the instructions sounded pretty simple. 

I've dicided to go with the multi color foils because they looked like something special and extraordinary.

The explanation says: "apply your favourite nail polish and let it try thoroughly. Applly a thin coat of transfer solution on one nail and wait 80-90 seconds until the solution is slightly dry. Choose a foil and cut it in small pieces, about as big as your nails. Place the transfer foil on your nail with the shiny side up and use your finger tips to gently press on your nails. Peel of the foil carefully, repeat the application with different foils for a stylish multicoloured graffiti look. Finally seal your manicure with an essence top coat."

Let's start

 Items used:

Maybelline New York Color Show  "120 Urban Turquoise"

Color Club "French Tip"
nail striper

Like in the instructions I started with a nail polish. I choose "Urban Turquoise" on one hand because of the color (turquoise is by far my favourite color for years now) and on the other hand because this polish dries quickly and totally covers up with only one layer.

Afterwards I applyed the transfer solution. I've expected an alcoholic smell and something really thin but I smelled and looked just like normal nail polish. It was very good to work with. It makes your nail feel a bit cold for a sec.

I placed the foil on the nail after 80 seconds, pressed it a little and peeled it off. This was the result of my first try:

It really looked great but for my today's mani I wanted my whole nail covered up in this foil look so I redid it and two nails later it worked as I wished. One nail foil stripe is for more or less 10 fingers. Until I had what I wanted I've used quiet a few pieces hahaha.

Because on the edges the foil was a bit messy I circled my mani with white polish. Just like it was a a picture frame.

Top or Flop?!

Absolutely top! I was really happy with the result and the easy handling. I would definately recommend those foils. They look fantastic on the nails.

Until now I can't tell you how long this look stays but you will get an update as soon as possible.


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