Sep 29, 2014

[31DC2014] inspired by the supernatural

If I tell you those little monsters are actually one-eyed demons. does that count as supernatural?! Hahaha. (To skip my nail mails scroll down to see my 31 DAY CHALLENGE - inspired by the supernatural nails)

Today is one of those Mondays which I actually like. Came home already at 2 pm and 3 (!!!!) nail mail packages were already waiting for me infront of my door. Are you interested in seeing what was inside? I was really curious because I didn't know what was inside. 

I had quiet a view "first times" in there.

Nail mail #1:

- artist collection 03
- pro collection 01
- hipster collection 08
- CNP 5
- sunset
- jade
- NP136 toxic apple
- NP137 luis lemon
- NP158 pukka purple

Nail mail #2:

-337 Purple Rain
-liquid sand NL M49 Solitaire
-922 frenzy
- Concrete Jungle

Nail mail #3:

- SE 453 Flurry Up!
-1135 Pumpin Spice
-1493 Mistery Moonshine
-417F Eggplant Frost
-446C Caribbean Frost
- extreme weat 320 rouge rebel

But nevertheless here are my inspired by the supernatural nails for day 29:

Items used:

modelsown NP136 toxic apple
modelsown NP158 pukka purple
catrice brightening base coat 
eyes from a local craft store
dotting tool
nail art brush

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