Sep 30, 2014

[31DC2014] inspired by a tutorial

So for today's theme I was inspired by the talented young lady @sloteazzy. There where actually hundrets of good tutorials out there but a) I really like her and her work and b) it was her birthday yesterday so I thought, why not honor her and chose one of her tutorials?!

She posted the tutorial about two weeks ago and I really loved how her mani looks. I as well used two different types of nail vinyls. One in a V shape and one a bit more curvy which unfortunatelly looked in the end a bit messy.

Items used:

catrice brightening base coat (totally on of my favorites this months)
essie "lilacism"
KIKO #377
she #282
glitter from bornprettystore (use coupon code SSUNX31 for a 10% discount)
make-up sponge

I started with applying base coat and the white polish. I already left out the upper part of my middle and pointer finger by placing my first vinyl. When the white polish was completely dry I placed my stickers onto my nails. I took a make-up sponge and randomly dropped the different polishes on it. I let them run into each other to the later a bit of crazy polish look. I sponged it on my nail and immediately wripped off the vinyls. As always top coat when everything was dry but before the top coat was try, I placed the glitter on it. 


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