Sep 25, 2014

[31DC2014] inspired by fashion

I was really not sure what to recreate or what to be inspired by first. I was flicking through many magazines and pictures on the internet and I just wasn't inspired hahaha. Then I found this picture of Zosia Mamet who was wearing this dress to the Emmys 2013.

I have to confess that I don't like all of this dress but I really like the color combination and this sort of watercolor look. When I saw it this nail art design popped into my mind and I was totally happy that it worked out the way I wanted to right at the first try. It's a sort of saran wrap mani with ruffian accent nails.

Items used:

KIKO #447 from the satin LE
KIKO #380
catrice "54 My APPricot"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
White base coat
Saran wrap

I painted my pointer and my pinky finger in black letting it totally dry. (Of course as always basecoat first). On my other fingers I applyed a white base coat. When the white base was dry I made different dots in my three colors (pink, grey and nude) randomly on my nail. It's ok if one drop runs into another, that's the effect we want to have. Those dotts can be really thick. When everything it still totally wett take a saran wrap or anothing similar and press it on the wett polish. Press down the plastic and create a fantastic pattern with it. Peel the plastic off and let it dry. Top off with topcoat leaving a sort of watercolor and crazy look. On those three nails I added as well a rhinestone to make it a bit more glamurous. Then it's time for the ruffian nails. Your pinki and your pointer fingers are up to now just black. I took my nude color and painted my nails as I always just starting a bit below the black leaving a crescent shape. I had to paint a layer of white polish first to have a better coverage. Add top coat and the mani is finished.


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