Sep 17, 2014

[31DC2014] glitter

Good morning everyone! Here it's 3:35 am. So more or less in the middle of the night. I'm in the car somewhere in Austria on my way to Hungary where I stay until tomorrow night. No worries, I'm not the driver. I though it would be a good idea to write my today's post now. I did this mani just before we started our trip and I don't know if I have wifi where I stay so let's go

Today's theme is glitter. I went for a mix and match mani doint a little stamping inbetween. Well actually it's again a selfmade decal which I sticked onto my ring finger. 

Items used:

KONAD stampy polish white
KONAD image plate m78
catrice "60 out of the dark"
catrice "C02 alluring pink" from the current metallure LE
Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy"
essence nail art twins "02 julia"

and no I don't know all those things by heart I wrote everything down on my hand hahaha it's a bit of a chaotic night.

I started with my base coat as usual. Then I made my homemade decal (click here for a description). On my ring finger I applyed this fantastic dark shade. It's a mixture of dark brown and grey and black and pressed the decal on it. My pinky as well as my index finger became pink and I applyed "02 julia" on my tip to have a sort of gradient. The thumb and my middle finger were painted in this fantastic holo shade of Color Club.

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