Sep 16, 2014

[31DC2014] geometric

For today's look I went for doing selmade or homemade decals. It's a simple way to let your nails look really flashing. And it something done really quick which I needed because I really felt sick this week and I couldn't spent too much time doing my nails. It was the first time ever making selfmade decals but I was really impressed how easy it was and how fabulous it looked.

Items used:

catrice "60 out of the dark"
wet'n'wild wild shine "Blazed"
wet'n'wild wild shine "Sunny Side Up" (hahaha I kinda like this name)
KONAD white stamping polish
KONAD image plate m93
dotting tool

For a detailed description click here. I think it deserved an own post with pictures from each step.

I started with appyling base coat and catrice "out of the dark" and waited until everything was dry. In the meantime I applyed a top coat on a transparent folder and stamped my motive on the dryed top coat. I took a dotting tool and filled some of the spaces with the wet'n'wild polished and let dry everything. With a pair of tweezers I peeled of my selfmade decal I pressed it on my nail, where I applyed a layer of polish first on which my decal sticks. Topped off with top coat and the mani is finised.


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