Sep 19, 2014

[31DC2014] galaxy nails

I hardly did galaxy nails until now because I always tought it doesn't fit my nails but today I love this design. I couldn't get enough of looking at it.

Items used:

Manhattan 710T
KIKO #450
KIKO #261
KIKO #300
KIKO #377
KIKO #292
Color Club "French Tip"
essence nail art twins "02 Julia"
essence nail art topper 22 black dress and white lie
dotting tool
nail art striper

Start with your basecoat and a dark color. I went for a dark blue almost black from Manhatten. Then I started to sponge white on that blue. It's just to give the other colors a base otherwise you wouldn't see them so much on the dark blue. Then I took one color at the time to sponge them on the white base. When doing galaxy nails always sponge a couple of time ig on a paper before sponging on the nail. It gives the nails a better galaxy look. I sponged until I was happy with the different color combinations. Before adding the stars I applyed a layer of glitter topper to add a bit of sparkle. Then I took a dotting tool and added little glitter particles - one by one. With a nail art striper I pimped my galaxy nails with little crosses. Apply topcoat.


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