Sep 14, 2014

[31DC2014] flowers

Flowers are the girls best friends if diamonds are not available hahaha. Well I totally love painting flower designs on my nails but although I do it quiet rarely.

To achieve this flowery sort of vintage look you need:

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
HEMA "Holographic Copper"
Catrice "C01 Alluring Red" from the Metallure LE
essence colour & go " 170 beijos de brazil"
dotting tool
striping brush

Started with base coat as usual and then applyed white polish. With a dotting tool I started making dots with a copper holographic polish on three of my finger. My ring finger and my thumb got stripes with the same color using  a striping brush. The next step was adding bigger red dots which should look like roses in the end. I try not to make perfectly round dots, some are bigger some smaller just like real roses. With a very thin brush (here I used again my striping brush) I added little green leaves. Two leaves per rose always looking in different directions. When my roses where dry I mixed a drop of red polish with a drop of white resulting in a sort of bastel red/pink shade. With my striping brush I draw little leaves in my red roses which makes them more rose-like. Last step is the top coat and the floral mani is finished.



  1. Beautiful manicure, You chose such pretty colours! Also the combination of stripes and dots with the roses looks so beautifully classy! xx