Sep 15, 2014

[31DC2014] delicate print

Today's topic is delicate print so there's enough room for ideas. I didn't want to do stamping again so I went for a quatrefoil pattern.

Items used:

essence colour & go "137 wanna be my sunshine"
catrice "20 meet me at the coral island"
LOOK by bipa "Petrol"
two different sized dotting tools
striping bursh

As always start with a base coat. Apply the base colour and let it dry. I made a short pictorial to show you how the simple pattern is made.

First make 4 dots with the bigger dotting tool to paint a sort of flower with four leaves. As shown in the picture add little lines from the inner corners with a striping brush. Continue doint this on the whole nail. When these dots are dry take a smaller dotting tool and add another 4 point inside. And that's it. Although the pattern looks quiet complicated it's really quickly done. Believe me, your friends will be impress when seeing you with this pattern.


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