Sep 7, 2014

[31DC2014] black and white mix and match mani with striping tape

I'm really in love with mix and match manis. It's just something different on each nail and looks way better than just one simple 

Items used:

Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Color Club "French tip"
Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy"
Striping tape

Later on catrice "26 Raspberryfields Forever"

As usuall I started with applying basecoat. I've painted my nails in different colors. I prefer to always have to nails the same color, but I guess it's up to you how you handle it. Anyway. After everything was completly dry I started to add striping tape to get a sort of tribal look afterwards. (By the way the look was inspired by @annkristin0.) Here in the picture below you can see how my striping tape looked in the end. 

The only thing which still has to be done is filling in the color in the pattern on my middle finger and to finish off with topcoat.

In the end I wasn't so happy. I really liked the outcome but I had struggles with the picture. The silver polish is a holo and normally sooo sparkly but I couldn't capture it. So I decided to change the pattern and you can see the result below. More tribal like. But because it was already getting dark outside the pictures aren't too. So I really have to excuse myself.

Nevertheless one week of the 31 day challenge is over. Yeeeeey time to celebrate. No just kidding. Still a long way to go. I'm so happy that university starts in October so I do have time in September.


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