Sep 13, 2014

[31DC2014] animal print

This mani is again made with a stamping plate but don't worry if you don't have one like this. It's as well very easy to make with a nail art striper and a dotting tool. 

Items used:

essence colour & go "137 wanna be your sunshine"
essence colour & go "179 roller coaster"
essence thermo polish "03 it's hot stuff"
essence nail art stampy polish in black
essence colour & go "103 space queen"
essence stampy kit
KONAD image plate m78

I randomly applyed yellow, pink and green polish on my nails. When the colors where completely dry I stamped the animal print motive on my nail using the nail art stamping kit from essence. To add a little sparkle I applyed glitter polish .

If you don't have a stamping kit, animal print is easily made with other tools. If you have a nail art striper, paint lines from outside your nail into the middle, One line from the left, one from the right, one from the left and so on. Try to make different lines. No zebra has regular and even lines in nature. 

Leopard print is easily made with a dotting tool. Try to make little C-shapes. Always a C to the left and one to the right making a sort of circle but they aren't supposed to touch each other. As well as the zebra print no leopard print is even and regular. So no worry if one C-shape is differnet to one another. 

Happy recreating!


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