Sep 1, 2014

[31DC2014] a short introduction

Today is the day. It's the 1st of September 2014. Perfect time to start my very first 31 day nail challenge.

For all of you who wonder what this is: Well, some crazy guys like me like to paint their nails really often (some people would probably say too often ahahaha). As I know @chalkboardnails came up with this crazy idea of making a challenge out of it which means, everyday a new nail art design. (For more details visit:

There's a theme every day and you can create whatever you want. You're interested why somebody should do something like this? Hmm, the aswer is because IT'S FUN. I really enjoy doing my nails and it's really nice to see what you can learn within a month.

The tough thing here is to come up with an idea everyday (well and to have time to sit there every day for hours to see if a mani work or not. Believe me or not, still half of the things I create really looks crap). But I think it's time to start my very first 31 day challenge (#31dc2014) and I hope I'll finish everything (on time).

 Maybe you should give it a try too?! Doesn't it sound like a really good way to spend your freetime?


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