Sep 1, 2014

[31DC2014] red nails

Red nails, red nails, red nails
A quiet easy start. I wanted to do a mixture between matte and shiny topcoats (I know it's hard to see the difference here...) and in the end it really reminded me of ladybugs.
Here's the outcome:

And now I will try to explain to you how to get there.

You just need a few things.

Items used:

Nail envy by OPI
"Matte about you" by essie
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Essence colour & go "113 do you speak love?"
A dotting tool. (No worry if you don't have one, it works aswell with a toothpick or a bobby pin)

1. Start applying you basecoat of you choise.
2. When it's properly dry apply one or two coats of red polish. I usually go for two coats because it just looks nicer due to a better coverage.
3. The next coat is a matte topcoat. This step is for sure optional. If you don't like matte polishes don't add the matte topcoat.
4. When this layer is dry, paint one corner of you nail in a nice and shiny black. This corner, together with step 5 should look like a V-shape
5. Opposite to the black corner start painting dots with your doting tool or toothpick or what so ever.
6. Voilá! Your mani is finished. If you didn't add the matte topcoat, add a topcoat now. Or if you want all your mani to be matte, leave out step 3 and add the topcoat now.

Have fun doing!


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